Collaborative Divorce - A different way to divorce

If you have found this website, it is likely that you and your spouse or partner are considering a change or ending your relationship. Or you may simply be concerned about a friend or relative who is also facing a similar situation. Going through a separation and divorce is difficult, and the process can be challenging.

Collaborative Divorce offers an alternative to traditional litigation and conflict, and a more productive way to bring resolution to disputes.

Collaborative law may work if you and your partner:

When you are facing a separation or divorce, well-intentioned friends and relatives may offer compassionate advice, but every divorce is different, and their suggestions may not be useful or even legally correct. Sound legal advice can help you make the best choices for you and your family so you all can transition in a productive fashion to the next phases of your lives.

David J. Toscano, Attorney

About David J. Toscano

David has been practicing family law since 1986. He believes a collaborative approach provides more options to clients as they seek to resolve legal disputes arising from the dissolution of their marriage. He has now successfully completed hundreds of cases and continues to learn new ways to creatively engage clients facing some of the most difficult decisions in their lives. David is a member of the Virginia Collaborative Professionals and the Central Virginia Collaborative Professionals.

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