Testimonials: How Collaborative Divorce can work

Dear David,

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my divorce and I want to thank you. Getting a divorce wasn’t easy but the two of you did your very best to make it as amenable as possible. I look back on those trying times and am embarrassed by some of my behaviors. I wish I hadn’t been so angry. I wish I had sold the house earlier. I wish I had been better prepared for how sad the whole experience would be. I am very happy now though – that took some time but happiness crept up on me one day and decided to stay. My ex and I are friends and probably talk more substantially now than we ever did before. He is dating around after dating one woman for almost 2 years. I have been seeing the same wonderful man for almost two years now and could not be happier. Our daughter is doing well. She has adjusted to her parents being divorced. She is about to begin her senior year and is applying to medical schools. All is good!

Thank you both for everything….for being the two best divorce lawyers ever. I’ve given your names to several of my friends who are now facing possible divorce. They see us talking and laughing and raising our daughter, and occasionally going out to eat, and we are a role model for how they want to be divorced. Can you imagine that? Three years ago I couldn’t speak his name without wanting to throw up! I tell them that collaboration isn’t easy, that they will do and say things you wish you hadn’t, that you will cry and scream, that sadness will be with you for awhile, but keep your eyes on the prize. That prize is knowing that you haven’t broken each other, that your children will not be torn apart by the divorce, that you can continue to live in the same town with your ex, that you can find the place in your heart that lets you let go of the anger and the sadness and create a different relationship with your ex.

Thank you both.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Laugh, Dance, Love 

As much as I hated it (getting the divorce), and I did, it (the collaborative process) was much better, particularly for our children, than any other option.

—On the 2rd anniversary of his divorce after using the collaborative process