Principles Of Collaborative Divorce Practice

• It is not about positions, but about reaching the heart of the matter.
• It is not simply about compromise; it is about the creation of value.
• It is not about a game; it is about a journey.
• It is not about what you have to do; it is about what you want to accomplish.
• It is not about the past, but about the future.
• It is not about coercion, it is about choice.
• It is not just about feeling the pain; it is also about experiencing the gain.
• It is not about control; but about understanding.
• It is not simply about dividing assets and debts, but about building new relationships.
• It is not just about what you know; it is also about how much you care.
• It is not about retribution, but about resolution.
• It is not about the control of feelings, but about feelings of control.
• It is not about being nice; it is about being effective.
• It is not about right and wrong, but about finding common ground.
• It is not just about an agreement, but about transformation.

For more information, see About Collaborative Divorce.